Birman’s are people oriented cats. Faithful creatures dedicated to their owners and very attached to the rest of the family. They are always pleased to see you and where you are your Birman cat will not be far behind, because they don’t mature until they are almost three years old so they have a mild temperament, as part of a cats personality is directly related to their sexuality which can make them aggressive.

birman cat photoThey do love to play with all types of toys and like to be involved in whatever action is going on. Birman cats are good with children but be careful aggressive children may torment the docile Birman cat. This mythical cat revered as the “sacred cat of Burma” is marvelous, gentle active, playful but quiet and unobtrusive has a similar personality to the Persian but perhaps more playful and responsive and loves being cuddled.

Males can be quite large reaching five to six kilos while females are somewhat smaller tending to mature somewhere between five and four kilos with the average litter size being six It has a medium energy level “no couch potato” with short legs which limit their climbing ability. It’s not particularly vocal unless needing attention or food, a cat of balance it’s never too extreme in any direction. Elegance beauty, affection, and personality are words that fit the Birman to Perfection.

The Birman cat is very hardy with few health problems as they are robust. With such an interesting and individual personality you can be sure life will never be dull.
They are delightful and enchanting cats to own both in appearance and personality.