The Birman is a semi-longhaired breed (this classification is due to the length of hair a Birman has compared to that of a pedigree Persian cat) which doesn’t matte and is soft, silky and easy to care for. No cat is maintenance free however due to the fact that a Birman’s coat does not grow terribly long it only requires grooming on a weekly basis with powder as well as a brush and comb (the best kind is a cat comb with rotating teeth or the “slicker” brush which is square with fine bent metal teeth).

During the warmer months it is a good idea to give the Birman a warm shower using a gentle cat shampoo or alternatively a ‘wool wash’. Giving the Birman a wash will allow any dead fur to be easily removed.

Once a month the claws of a Birman need to be clipped in order to stop them from becoming to long or sharp. This is important especially for indoor cats as the nails can turn in and dig into the paw pad which can cause infection and cause the cat to have difficulty walking.

Clipping the claws is not a difficult process and if the Birman is trained to expect it from a young age then the cat will eventually accept it. Claw clipping is as easy as pushing the thumb gently into the back of the cats paw while holding it. This will ensure that the claws extend and then it is a matter of clipping the white part (cats nails are like humans, the lower pink parts of the claw is where the blood flows and should not be cut).

The Birmans mouth should be checked at regular intervals as their teeth can become troublesome and will eventually require the vet to clean them as they age. Bad teeth are just as painful for a cat as they are for a human. If the mouth is sore or infected eating can become a problem. Full dental treatment can be prevented or delayed by feeding the cat Dental biscuits which can be found in most pet stores.

The breeder of the Birman should provider new pet owners with a dietary information sheet and it is a good idea if the cat can be encouraged to chew strips of meat or bones such as chicken wings or lamb brisket.

Best of all the Birman cat has a wonderful personality and will fit into any household due to their gentle, loving nature. They are a devoted pet and will follow their owners around. They thrive on companionship and appreciate the company of other cats when left alone by their owners.