Usually after twelve weeks a Birman Kitten can be separated from its home. However, we prefer rather that a Birman kitten stays at home a little longer to give it that extra benefit of motherly care.

We must equip you with a vaccination certificate and the micro-chip form. We will also usually desex the kitten prior to passing it on so that your kitten will be available at around 3 months old. If the desexing is not done by us then we will advise you to do this before the kitten becomes 6 months old, unless, of course the kitten is for breeding purposes. If you are planning to buy a Birman for breeding purposes then a registration certificate will need to be acquired so that the kitten can be put into your own name.

We will supply you with diet information, including what food your kitten is used to eating and the type of cat litter that it is accustomed to. This is important; because it eases the transition from one home to another if the conditions are both similar. Your kitten should be free of parasites, have a clean coat, clean ears and look well looked after. The Birman needs to be brought up in an open and spacious clean living area and be given a lot of attention and warmth. While Birmans do not need as much grooming as some other breeds, it is important that you maintain a weekly or bi-weekly brush. The more you groom your Birman, the better it will feel.