Kitten FAQ

  1. What type/brand of food does the kitten like best?
    Royalcanin Kitten
  2. What type/brand of kitty litter/litter tray is the kitten using?
    Please use the following product: OzPet
    Otherwise your kitten will not recognize the cat toilet and start bad habits.
  3. What sort of bed is my kitten used to sleeping in?
    We have different ones. You can use any, however the kitten usually find their preferred place anyway … which is often not their own bed 🙂
  4. What type/brand of flea protection do you recommend?
    Please confirm with your vet. We use advocate on all adult cats.
  5. Which transport company do you recommend?
  6. Which vaccinations should my kitten get?
    Please ask your Vet to get your kittens records transferred. We’ll provide you with the contact details of our VET.