What is a Birman Cat and why choose a Birman?

Birman cats are easily recognisable by their striking looks, long coat and what is known as colour point colouring where they have a primarily white coat with coloured tips on their muzzel and tails. Birmans are also recognisable by their white feet making them look like they are wearing socks. They are quite a large breed of cats, the males being in particularly large weighing at between 5 and 6 kilograms, whilst female cats weigh between 3.5 and 4 kilograms. They are very friendly, sweet natured animals who will bring alot of joy and affection into their owners lives. They are not only beautiful on the outside but are just as striking on the inside.

birman cat photo
How much Grooming is required?

Being a long haired bred you would assume alot of grooming would be required, however it is the opposite. The Birman has an angora coat with no undercoat leaving it tangle free. All that is required is weekly grooming. Obviously an indoor cats coat will be alot more manageable then if you are letting your Birman outdoors. Birmans may be bathed occasionally it is best to start this from a young age though, and they are inclined to scratch so a scratching post is a great idea to keep their nails short and your carpet safe.

Living with Birmans?

Clearly the main attraction to buying a Birman is their striking beauty, one of the most stunning breeds of cats available. Not only this but their coat being easily manageable and having the variety of colour point colours to choose from makes them a popular breed to buy.

Birman Cats Personality?

They are content as an indoor companion animal making them ideal for the elderly and are happy just to be with you. They are warm, loving and affectionate creatures who will find a place in your heart in no time. Birmans are stunning animals and they know it, let them know that you think the same and they will love you for ever. They are playful and curious animals, who will find great amusement from not only store brought toys but even bottle tops, wine corks, plastic and paper bags and what ever else they can find lieing around the house. You will get great entertainment out of watching them play with the most simple of things.

Do Birmans make good children’s pets?

As with all animals children need strict supervision when around any household pet. They are fantastic with children, as they are patient, tolerant and enjoy having someone play with them. They will become a best friend of your child’s for a long time as well as a valued family member.

Is it ok to have one Birman or is it better for them to have another as company?

It is best to think of your lifestyle when deciding to buy a Birman. If you are someone who works alot it is best to buy two so that they don’t get bored and lonely. They are social animals and like to have company. If you are at home often then they will be content with human company. Please remember Birmans are best being indoor cats, it is safer to keep them indoors and out of harms way.

How are Birmans with Dogs and other pets?

Birmans and Dogs can get on fine if introduced from a young age, or if you are sure the dog is fine with cats, if the dog has lived with cats or is currently living with cats and is known to be gentle then they should get along fine. Introducing a Birman to a cat that already lives with you must be made slowly and supervised. As for birds, mice and fish remember Birmans are cats they are predators and need to have constant supervision when around these types of animals.


Birmans are loving creatures who will surely become a valued member of your family in no time at all.