A warning to potential buyers

We recommend that if you are purchasing a Birman from a pet shop be very cautious when you buy it because you may not be getting what you paid for. We have been notified on many occasions that unregistered breeders are selling off non-pure bred Birmans. Most of the time these kittens do not have any white on their paws, (white paws are a dominant gene of the Birman). A pet Birman sometimes does not have fully white paws or the whiteness may not extend as high up the ankle as with exhibition Birmans, however these kittens will always have some white on their paws. Also, the Birman cat always has blue eyes, they may be deep blue or a pale blue, but they are always blue.

If you are not sure, speak to us, as you can always count on registered breeders. If you are replying to an advertisement and the price seems very cheap it’s most likely that what you’re getting is a cross-bred cat, or it does not come from a registered breeder.

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