Birman Cat Can Be Yours Very Easily

Because of the rapidly increasing interest in Birman cats, we have figured out a more user-friendly way for potential owners to be aware of an opportunity to get a sweet Birman kitten.

What is that user-friendly way? It is a very easy two-step process. First, you send us a deposit of a 25 per cent of your future cat’s cost. Then, as soon as we get a Birman kitten just right for you, we will deduct the already paid sum of the overall price of the cat and finalise the payment when you arrive to take your new companion home.

Since our Birman cats are extremely dear to us, we take a good care of them and raise them with love.

  • During the first three months of the Birman kittens’ life, we carefully make them a part of our daily routine to guarantee the kittens are used to an ordinary daily life.
  • We only breed Birman cats for you to be able to appreciate these beautiful and lovely creatures and to make them a part of your family.
  • From time to time we in fact keep several kittens for yourselves or fellow breeders that work on preserving specific gene pool.
  • After the initial three months, the rest of the Birman kittens are for sale. However, priority is given to those customers who have submitted the aforementioned 25 per cent deposit. Therefore, the deposit is extremely important in guaranteeing yourself a lovely kitten.

When we say goodbye to our kittens, we do want you to take an extremely good care of them, just like we do, hence we would like to ask you to keep your kitten out of danger while indoors:

  • ensure there are no vehicles close
  • observe the house so that no other animals are with your kitten unwatched
  • do not allow your cat get into wildlife
  • regularly get your kitten checked for fleas and ticks
  • make sure no-one steals your animal

Having all these points in mind, we are currently looking for owners who are fine with keeping their Birman cats indoors at all times. In case you find this challenging, please look for other breeders who would fit your needs better.
When the Selection Is Over

When you have selected your Birman kitten, you might not have the time to visit us often and see how your kitten is turning into a healthy cat. Nonetheless, we are more than happy to help you in this case. We are dedicated to send you as many photos and videos as you wish to track the happy days of your kitten. It is always nice to keep pictures of your pet from a very early age.

  • For you to get enough time to obtain all the necessary things ready for your cat’s arrival, we will provide you with information on your kitten’s diet, litter box usage, and any other relevant products that would improve your pet’s life.
  • It is extremely important for us to assure our kittens are being taken care of properly, so please explore our website to find all the useful tips and advice on how to provide everything for your Birman cat.
  • Another aspect we consider carefully is the most suitable time for you to collect your Birman cat after the first twelve-week period of its life.
  • At the time of the pickup, your cat will be completely de-sexed and will have a microchip implanted for your greatest convenience.
  • We will provide your kitten with the first required vaccination 8 weeks after its birth. It will be periodically check for any dangerous conditions and properly wormed.
  • The de-sexing procedure and the microchip implant surgery are performed at the 10th week or your cat’s life.
  • Approximately at this time we will contact you to give you contact details for your future appointment.
  • One week later we will confirm all the information related to the collection and, if needed, shipping details.  Thus at the 11th week is when all payments are finalised and processed.
  • Remember that the Birman kitten can be collected only when there is no debt on your part.
  • The last vaccine is given to your kitten at the 12th week, before it is collected.

After You Receive Your Pet

When the kitten reaches you, it:

  • knows how to use the litter box
  • is used to eating a variety of balanced foods and is fully weaned

Nonetheless, you still have to get a yearly booster needle to make sure your pet is safe from other environment threats.

Before the pet reaches your house, the worming it receives will be continuous and fully updated. The brand we prefer is Ambex 2. In case you want us to keep flea control, we highly suggest Advantage for Cats. At the time of departure your Birman kitten will be nicely bathed and, naturally, with no bugs or other parasites. In addition, you will receive a package with all necessary kitten care as well as a couple of toys and a lovely blanket.

Officially Approved By QFA

At no point of your kitten collection process you should worry. We are officially registered with the Queensland Feline Association and operate according to their rules and regulations. All our cats come with an official pedigree since they are also registered with QFA. We always encourage our clients to pick a name for your new pet early so that we could put it on the official pedigree certificate.

Beware the Allergies
In case you or anyone in your household has cat allergies, do not hesitate and contact me. I am always happy to help and inform you about the affective ways to alleviate these inconveniences. Please contact me before submitting the deposit for your Birman kitten.
It is essential to discuss this because by no means we will let a household with cat allergy issues to adopt any of your cats. I am ready to personally assist you with matters regarding allergy testing and I can at any time get you in touch with other breeders who are just as experienced. We do not charge for this type of assistance so discuss your concern with us right away.

Birman Cat Assistance

After your new beloved kitten is already at your home, we are more than glad to continue assisting you and to hear about how your pet is going. We would like you:

  • to let us know that the Birman kitten has arrived at its new home. Please contact us after a week and inform us about how its transition to a new home is going.
  • as we have said before, we extremely appreciate hearing about our kittens! Thus we kindly ask you to email or call us if you want, and any pictures or videos are very welcome. We feel truly proud when we see a small kitten having turned into a healthy, happy cat!

Do Not Forget:

  • With a Birman kitten you take a responsibility to raise and take care of your pet for up two twenty years as these cats have a relatively long lifespan.
  • If you have decided that due to any reason you are no longer able to take care of your Birman kitten, contact us right away and we will help you with finding another welcoming home for it. We completely understand that sometimes certain things come up and you simply cannot look after your cat anymore, yet it is very important to work on it and solve this dilemma as soon as possible.
  • When you have submitted the deposit to receive our kitten, you will not be able to get a refund for it in case you change your mind. Thus think carefully about all the potential hindrances for you to take a good care of your future pet.

Money Matters

  • A Birman kitten costs $850. This is the price of the whole package mentioned before (vaccinations, de-sexing, etc. ).
  • The price of Birman Show Cats & Breeding is $2000. We kindly ask you to contact us before you order it to talk about what you need exactly.

Payment Options

There are several ways to submit your deposit and to pay for your kitten. These easy options are:Cash

  • Cheque
  • Bank Transfer
  • Paypal*

* Due to Paypal’s fee policy we have to charge a 4 per cent surcharge. Email me before you submit your payment to clarify all details.

If you any questions about our cats or about any of the points made in this article, email us simply call me directly.