Litter Training, Claw Training & More

While your new kitten will be litter box-trained when it arrives, you need to establish good habits in the new environment. Upon arrival, confine the kitten to the space where the litter box is to be kept (or the bathroom, if that’s not possible).

When the kitten is more settled, gradually open out the rest of the house so your kitten gets used to the larger space and is not caught out when it comes time to use the litter box. This reduces the chances of fear of strange places unsettling good litter box habits.

Put the cat tree in the small space where the kitten is initially housed, in order to keep up good scratching habits. As your kitten gets more of the run of the house, place the tree in the room where you spend most of your time.

The cat wants your company, so placing the tree where you most often spend your time encourages maintenance of good scratching habits and spares the furniture, floors and curtains.

If the kitten does pick up some bad habits, change the room around a bit, to make it less inviting, use double sided tape as a deterrent, by making the surfaces sticky, or use one of the available sprays to make the smell of the spot unpleasant for the errant kitten (humans can’t smell it!).

Make surfaces unappealing by spreading out vinyl place mats covered in double-sided tape. Even clever kittens who try to walk between strips can still be deterred by using enough of this tape.

Don’t use your fingers as toys or playthings for the kitten and it will not scratch or bite them. Wiggle small toys in front of the kitten instead, so it learns that fingers aren’t toys. You’ll both enjoy it more and when the kitten tires of playing, you can bond through petting.

Time out – when the kitten is naughty and persistently won’t behave, immediately place it in a small room like the bathroom with a firm “No!”.

Leave it there for about fifteen minutes or until it quietens down. They kitten wants to be around the action so it will quickly learn to behave if it wants your company. It’s also a good way to teach it to play more gently.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have about the care of your kitten. We’re here to help.

Pet quality kittens come with the spay/neuter clause in the agreement.

Our hope is that our kittens, whether pet or breeder, will be loved: they won’t be left to wander around outdoors, won’t be declawed unless absolutely necessary, won’t be dumped in a shelter or passed on before the breeder has looked for an alternative home.

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