birman kitten The history of the Birman cat

The legend of the Birman cat is a remarkable story but explains little of the true origins of this beautiful breed. The cat was in existence in France during the 1920’s but unfortunately the breeding history was lost during World War II. Though there is knowledge that two Birman’s survived the war in France.

The continuation of the Birman after such a massive setback shows how dedicated this particular cat lover is. It wasn’t until 1955 that the Birman breed was recognised again and returned to full registration.

In 1956 Birman cats were imported to America for the first time then sent to England in 1960. The first Birman did not set its paws onto Australian soil until 1967. A Sydneysider, Mrs Judith Starky, introduced the Birman love affair to Australia.

Since their struggle from near extinction the Birman cat has developed a devoted following of dedicated breeders who have come under the spell of this most beautiful feline.